It's NOT my government (anymore)

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Many thanks to those of you who have been checking back, but family ilness has left no time to work on the site. All is well now, and you can expect the site to be fully functional by the end of August. You should see changes beginning by mid-August. Please check for updates beginning then.

In today's world, the top 1% of the United States population controls most of the government. We have become lax, and frequently do not vote because we feel that "it doesn't make any difference", and when we do vote that vote is frequently a result of being influenced by media ads purchased by thet top 1%.

Politicians currently are most influnced by their largest contributors and do not listen to the other 99% of us. If we have the proper tools, and take the time to use them, we CAN take our government back!! itsnotmygov will attempt to provide those tools in an easy to use format.


What to expect as the website content expands

Please visit ferequently to see what is new - and lets take back our government!